Commercial Asbestos Testing


EnvioCore Commercial Asbestos Testing

Asbestos Testing on Commercial properties can either be simple or involved. Commercial properties typically have materials with larger square footages and complicated layouts. We are happy to walk you through our Commercial Asbestos Testing process. We make sure to take into consideration your intent and what materials you will be affected during your project. Give us a Call or send us a message and we can answer any questions!

Listed below are various Commercial Asbestos Inspections we can perform. If you don't see what you are looking for, please ask and we will see how we can help! If you aren't going to be disturbing it, chances are it doesn't need to be tested. If it does, we have you covered!


Commercial Renovation Asbestos Testing

Commercial Renovation Asbestos Testing has many different forms according to the scope of the project. A commercial renovation project will have from (1 to many) materials that will be affected depending on the project extent. In a Commercial Renovation Asbestos Testing inspection only materials that will be affected are required to be sampled. If you are removing a load bearing member or going to be doing a full scrape then you will need a Commercial Demolition Asbestos Inspection.

Commercial Tenant Finish Asbestos Testing

Commercial Tenant Finish (TI) Asbestos Testing is performed when a commercial interior or exterior space will be going through a remodeling/ reprogramming  construction process.  Typically engineers and architects are involved along with multiple trades in order for everything to come together.  The new Tenant Finish Space can be for multiple uses. e.g. Retail, Automotive, Communication, etc. Typically multiple materials are disturbed during this process such as Drywall, Plaster, Mortar, Tile, Grout, Floor Tile, Glue Flooring, Ceiling Tile, HVAC, Boilers, Roofing.

Commercial Demolition Asbestos Testing

Commercial Demolition Asbestos Testing is a comprehensive process of a commercial building where our inspectors will identify and sample any building materials that will be disturbed in the Demolition or property scrape. A demolition asbestos inspection require samples of all materials interior and exterior. Our Certified Inspectors take the appropriate number of samples for each material to satisfy local and federal laws and regulations. 

Commercial Partial-Demolition Asbestos Testing

Commercial Partial Demolition Asbestos Testing is used when a load bearing member will be disturbed but the structure will not be brought to the ground. Only a partial demolition will occur such as impacting an exterior wall or interior load bearing wall. The same process will occur as a Commercial Asbestos Renovation except a final demolition permit must be filled out and signed and submitted for documentation. Fees apply with demolition permits.

Commercial Multi-Family Asbestos Testing

Commercial Multi-Family Asbestos Testing is done when a Multi-Unit structure needs to be tested for asbestos. Either each unit can be sampled or the entire structure can be sampled together. When the entire structure needs to be tested then the common areas and exterior are classified as common areas and can be sampled appropriately.

Commercial Due Diligence Asbestos Testing

Due Diligence Asbestos Testing is performed when a potential buyer or seller of a commercial building wants to know more about the building materials of a certain structure. When purchasing a commercial building there is a lot to consider. Making sure you know if the building materials have asbestos can save you in the long run with Renovations, Tenant Finishes and Demolitions. 

Commercial Asbestos Health Risks

Commercial properties typically cater to the public so extra caution should be taken in Public spaces. Asbestos containing materials can be in any age building new and old. Testing for asbestos first is always the best option to ensure the best result for your project. Failing to test for them can result in employees, customers, you or your family being exposed to fibers. Let EnvioCore test for you first!

Commercial Asbestos Contamination Can Lead to Steep Fines

OSHA, EPA, CDPHE and other agencies can levee steep fines for asbestos infractions. Employees, tenants and customers can file lawsuits over asbestos exposure as a result of mishandling construction materials that contain asbestos.

Liability for Asbestos Exposure

Some of the materials that may be disturbed during your construction project could contain asbestos. Failing to identify those materials creates serious health risks for anyone who works on the project. If you hire contractors to do this work, and they are exposed to asbestos due to your negligence, you could be liable for everything from fines to medical bills to punitive legal judgments.

Commercial Asbestos Testing FAQs

EnvioCore Asbestos Testing Certified to Meet any Renovation Permit Requirements

EnvioCore can test all types of commercial properties!

Whether your business is Construction, Engineering, Architecture, Renovation, Demolition or Property Management, you can’t afford to take chances with asbestos. Asbestos may be present in numerous materials in ceilings, walls and floors, so it is often disturbed during demolition and renovation. EnvioCore will take everything into consideration when testing for your specific project!

Certified asbestos testing is quick, inexpensive insurance against potential state and federal fines any any construction project no matter how big or small. Let EnvioCore help keep you, your company and employees safe!