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Professional Contractor Services by EnvioCore

Construction projects come in all shapes, sizes and challenges. EnvioCore is here to help you get off to the right step with any renovation project you have going on. We are able to get you fast results and keep you going! EnvioCore is able to help you understand what could be needed on your specific project. Feel free to give us a call or chat online with any questions!

General Contractor Services

If you are a contractor and need help with any of your projects you have come to the right place! We work with you as a contractor to understand your customer and scope of work for your specific project. We want to make sure you are filled in with all current local and federal regulations. Ask us and we will try to help! We are familiar with all types of contractor projects!

  • New Build Consulting
  • Due Diligence Purchase/Sell
  • Renovation
  • Demolition
  • Tenant Finish
  • Addition
  • RFP
  • Residential
  • Commercial
  • Governmental
  • Prioritized Inspections
  • Project Specific Pricing
  • Bulk Pricing
  • Discounted Services
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EnvioCore has the training, experience and commitment to conduct the environmental testing you need with the highest possible standards. We’ll identify potentially hazardous asbestos-containing materials and give you advice on how to deal with them.

Architect / Engineering Services

If you are an Architect or Engineer and planning a project that needs to be tested for environmental hazards we can help. EnvioCore can be available when you need us on your project. Even if it is short notice we can accommodate your time line. EnvioCore’s test procedures meet the highest local and federal standards for inspections. We can be onsite ASAP, and you’ll have your certified test results within a day or 2 in most cases. That means you can be getting ready for the next part of your project knowing your testing will be completed soon.

  • Send us your detailed drawings and we can give you an estimate
  • We can discuss details over the phone or on-site
  • We can have your property inspected quickly and efficiently with State and EPA certified results

Restoration Water Damage / Fire Contractor

During a flood or fire damage is one of the most time sensitive inspections that needs to be completed and coordinated. We are prepared at EnvioCore to get you same-day results for your restoration project. We understand that you need to make decisions and get people scheduled for various parts of your project when disasters happen. We are on-call to keep your project moving smoothly!

  • Water Damage
  • Fire Damage
  • Meth-Clean-Up
  • Biohazard Clean-Up
  • Mold Mitigation

Contractor Services FAQs

Can we get same day results?

Yes you can get same day results! We have relationships build with local labs and can have you results ASAP! We can test for Asbestos, Lead and Mold. 

Can EnvioCore speak to the customer and explain the regulations?

We are more than glad to explain the inspection process and what and why it is important to the success of the project. We explain that it is a fine to the contractor if they don’t test and that the state requires contractors to test before they disturb trigger levels of asbestos for residential and commercial projects. 

Is it all years in Colorado that need to be tested?

Yes the State of Colorado CDPHE requires that All years pre-1978 and post-1978 be inspected for asbestos if materials over trigger limits will be disturbed.

They also require pre-1978 Lead-Based Paint testing for painted surfaces over trigger limits.

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Our testing is meticulous, our results come in fast. Call EnvioCore for environmental inspections today so you can breathe easier tomorrow.