About The EnvioCore Team

james garcia

James Garcia



Ava Bollinger

Sales Manager


Pat Jorgensen

Accounts Receivable

Chad moore

Chad Moore

Owner / Inspector


Sammi Kaslon

Operations Manager


Khristine May Nisperos

Project Manager

EnvioCore Team Dedication

Environmental Testing Evolved

EnvioCore began in the rough-and-tumble disaster restoration industry, where we saw countless projects brought to a standstill while awaiting environmental testing and results. Why was it taking so long?

We knew there had to be a better way. It turns out there was.

The Next Step

At EnvioCore, we assess environmental hazards that merit testing. We are trained and certified to obtain environmental test samples, so we can test safely and accurately. Plus, we’ve established working relationships with top-rated testing facilities that enable us to get most test results within hours instead of days. When it comes to environmental testing, speed and accuracy are essential. EnvioCore delivers.

Chad Moore - Owner

Chad believes property owners should be able to get environmental test results in hours, not days. EnvioCore was created with this mission in mind.