Mail In / Drop-Off Testing

If you are curious if you may have any health hazards in your building materials, you can use a mold test kit to take a sample and send it to us for a certified lab analysis. We can discuss the process with you over the phone and get you to take your own samples.
  • 24-72 Hour Results
  • Full Report
  • Full Description of Hazardous Materials Found
mail in test

Certified Test Results That Are Fast and Accurate

EnvioCore uses a certified lab to have all samples analyzed! Quality assurance: Certified labs are subject to rigorous quality control standards and regulations, which can help to ensure that their testing methods and results are accurate, reliable, and consistent. These standards can include regular proficiency testing, audits, and other quality control measures.

EnvioCore Do-It Yourself Services Offered

Overall, DIY mold test kit has the potential to provide a range of benefits for the environment, including increased access to testing, reduced costs, and increased public engagement in environmental monitoring and understanding. However, it's important to note that DIY testing may not always be appropriate or effective for all environmental testing applications, and it's important to carefully consider the potential risks and limitations before embarking on a DIY testing project.

  • Asbestos in Any Material/s
  • Asbestos in Water
  • Lead Chip
  • Lead in Water
  • PCB
  • Mold
  • Dust Characterization
  • Cleanliness

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